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22,256,500 German Soldiers were killed during World War 2.

2,778,000 Waffen SS Soldiers were killed during world war 2.

So atleast 25 million Soldiers of Nazi Germany were killed during world war 2.

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Around 5,000,000. Sources differ between 4,440,000 and 5,318,000

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Q: How many German armed soldiers were killed during world war 2?
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Why did the Jewish people kill the Nazis?

You have that backwards. The Nazis killed the Jews by the millions during the holocaust. Few civilian Jews killed the Nazis. During the Polish uprising of Jews in Warsaw, the civilian Jews armed themselves and fought against the German soldiers trying to murder them.

During the war how were Russian soldiers armed?

They were primarily armed with weapons taken from the dead and wounded.

How did German soldiers get the Jews on the trains?

The German soldiers were armed, the Jews were not. Moreover, the Jews had been subjected to malnourishment and persecution for a long time before they were forced on to the trains for the death camps.

What is a group of armed citizens who serve as soldiers during an emergency?

They are known as militia.

Did Ferdinand Magellan have soldiers?

Magellan had soldiers, and they were well-armed, but not enough of them apparently. He was killed fighting natives in the Phillipines, and the first circumnavigation of the world continued without him.

During the Russian revolution war how were Russian soldiers armed?

weapons taken from the dead and wounded

What crimes did Vanzetti maintain that he did not commit?

Armed Robbery. He and his partner, Sacco, killed two men during an armed robbery. See below link:

What were the Europe soldiers armed with?


How did the US get soldiers for World War 1?

While volunteers were always accepted, soldiers were drafted for service in the US armed forces during World War 1.

What is an armed group of citizen soldiers?

It is a militia.

What were heavily armed foot soldiers?

In ancient times, heavily armed foot soldiers were called heavy infantry. This term is often used to describe the soldiers in the armies of Alexander the great.

What nationality in the United States armed forces had the most soldiers during World War 2?

it was the ugly race it was the ugly race

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