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Q: How many mass murder camps were there in the Holocaust?
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What were the concentration camps used for during the holocaust?

They were used for mass murder by the Nazis.

The Holocaust was the Nazi's mass murder of who?

The Holocaust was the mass murder of Europe's Jews.

Who populated the concentration camps?

the concentration camps of WW2 were populated by jews. these camps were guarded by the germans. they were part of the mass murder of millions of european jews called the Holocaust.

Was the Holocaust a mass murder?

Yes, it was mass murder on a monumental scale.

How may mass murder camps were there during the Holocaust?

The Nazis had 5 to 8 extermination camps. Please see the related question. The death toll at most other camps was also high.

What was the Holocaust was?

The Holocaust was the systematic mass murder of Jews and other 'inferiors' during World War II. Jews were rounded up, transported to camps, and worked to death or killed.

How was the Holocaust a revolution?

the holocaust was not a revolution. it was a genocide/ industrialized mass murder

What was the mass murder of the European Jews?


The holocaust was the Nazis mass murder of what?


What was the mass murder of European Jews?


What was the Holocaust and Genocide?

The holocaust was the mass murder of Jews by nazis (Germans) who were led by Adolfo hitler. A genocide is a mass murder of a specific type of group in the case of the holocaust; the jews

Where has genocide occurred during the Holocaust?

Genocide is the mass murder of people of a particular race or origin. The Holocaust was the mass murder of the jews, a group of people sharing in many cases a race or common origin.

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