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Nobody has counted the earlier cases of genocide. One of the best known was the killing of about 1.2 million Armenians in 1915-17 and 1920-22 by the Turkish government. It had some features in common with the later Jewish Holocaust. I don't wish to offend Americans, but it's surely also the case that there was widespread genocide in much of North American against the Native Indian population - and also against many native tribes by the Spaniards in Latin America, too. I'd also add the appalling slaughter of an estimated 5 million natives in the Congo between about 1885 and 1908, when the so-called "Congo Free State" was the personal property of the king of Belgium. After the Belgian parliament took it away from him and turned it into regular colony there was an improvement in conditions. A distinctive feature of the Jewish and Armenian holocausts was their frenzied impatience and their utter relenentlessness.

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Q: How many other Holocausts were there before the Jewish Holocaust of World War 2?
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