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Q: In what ways does the government raise the 35.5 Billion dollars to fight World War 1?
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How much money did US spent on Vietnam?

the US spend 140 billion Dollars on the Vietnam war

How did the government get men to fight in World War 1?

They drafted.

What did the government do to get people to fight in world war 1?


How do you make a million dollars quick?

Invent something that solves an everyday problem that everyone have, patent your invention, and when investors fight for the rights , sell it for a million. Or a billion.

The US government urged Americans to fight in World War 1 by promising?

to keep the world safe for democracy.

Would there be more income in America if marijuana is legalized?

yes. infact, the government did a study recently that indicated that if the black market cannabis industry was legitimized and the "product" had attached state sales tax; the total tax dollar revenue for just the first year would be worth more than 2 billion dollars... and that was the studies most conservative estimate! :) Not to mention the 42 billion dollars spent each year simply to fight illegal trade of marijuana. Albeit there will be some illegal trade, as there still is with alcohol, so let's say the government sets 2 billion aside to combat this. This is still a 40 billion dollar increase in revenue for the U.S.! Plus this takes said money out of the hands of *criminals that leads to weapons etc that are used in other crimes. (*unless like most you consider our own government as criminals)

Who produced the famous series of World War 2 propaganda films Why you Fight for the US federal government?

The "Why We Fight" series of propaganda films were directed by Frank Capra and produced by the U.S. government .

The us was tempted to help France fight the communists in what country?

The United States was tempted to help France fight the communists in Vietnam. In the 1950s, the American government sent millions of dollars of assistance to France to help with these efforts.

How much money did desert storm cost US?

30 billion Saudi Arabia paid the USA 39 billion to fight their war against Saddam. The USA paid 60 billion to fight Saudi Arabia war. If Reagan was president he would have told Saudia Arabia to go to hell. Fight you your war.

What was the purse for the hatton vs pacquiao fight?

mayweather got around $25 million for the fight and hatton got about $10 million

When does luffy learn third gear?

He learns gear third during his fight with Rob Lucci trying to save Nico Robin from the world government.

What is a fight against a government?

A fight against the government can come in several forms. A couple of these forms are, a petition, a rally, or a protest.