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The involvement was to stop the spread of Communism into the whole of Southeast Asia. It failed to succeed in Vietnam but did win in the larger context. Praising the US might be a stretch, but certainly is should not be condemned for its efforts.

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Q: Should the US be praised or condemned for its involvement in the Vietnam War?
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Should the US be praised or condemed for actions in the cold war?

the us should be praised for its actions in the cold war because they stopped the spread of communism and made many advancements in technology. they advanced through the space race and the nuclear arms race in the long run.

Should the US be praised or criticized for the military strategies your actions it pursued during the world war 2?

They should be praised. The only negative strategy was leaving the soldiers on Wake and the Philippines to fend for themselves. That was wrong. But all the other strategies saved western civilization as we know it today.

How can I get my father's name engraved on the Vietnam veterans memorial wall?

If he perished in Vietnam, his name should already be there.

What was Eisenhower's involvement in the Vietnam War?

Overall Eisenhower increased American involvement in Vietnam compared to Truman.In 1953 he had effectively ended the Korean War by withdrawing US troops, a very popular move back in the US. This would suggest he wanted to have less involvement in Indochina, even if only to gain popularity.However, in 1954, France demanded more assistance from Eisenhower as she struggled at Dien Bien Phu against the Vietminh. Eisenhower gave more support than Truman had before him, though he did NOT send in ground troops. There are several main reasons for Eisenhower's increased involvement in Vietnam...France threatened that, unless she received more support from the US, she would withdraw from Indochina - that would be the loss of an important ally against Communism for America.Eisenhower's policies were that of 'rollback' - i.e. the removal, or rollback, of Communism in areas that were already Communist - and the following of the 'Domino Theory', which was that if one nation fell to Communism inevitably others would fall too. This made him likely to become more involved.Also, as part of the 'Domino Theory', Eisenhower was concerned that the loss of Vietnam would eventually lead to the loss of Japan - an important economic nation.Truman had become unpopular when he "lost China" to Communism in 1949. Eisenhower didn't want to have the same kind of unpopularity for "losing Vietnam".His actions were not totally supported at home - some felt that Vietnam wasn't important to the prevention of Communism (it wasn't mentioned in the list of countries that should be protected in Kennan's 'long telegram' in 1946). Also, the war on Communism wasn't completely popular; his pulling-out from Korea had been well-received.But overall, he did indeed increase involvement in Vietnam.

What is called boundary between north Vietnam and south Vietnam?

Question should read: "Was" as the DMZ at the 17th parallel no longer exists.

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Should the us be praised or condemmed for its involvement in the Vietiam War?

To be condemned would be to not have fought the cold war at all. Praised, for fighting the cold war, and doing it with bullets (Vietnam) when it had to.

Should the us be praised or condemned for the actions in the Battle of Khe Sanh?

Praised...but remember, it was really the B-52s that saved the day!

Who supported US involvement in Vietnam and thought that the US should do whatever was necessary to achieve victory?

President John F. Kennedy supported the United States' involvement in the Vietnam Conflict and stated that we should do whatever was necessary to achieve victory. He wanted to stop the spread of Communism and ensure freedom for Vietnam.

Why should the United States be praised or condemned for its foreign policy actions?

Because people have differing opinions, some will condemn, some will praisem however most will be indifferent.

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How did MLK Jr feel about American involvement in Vietnam?

That freedom should be won on the homefront before being won overseas.

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Andrew Jackson had the Cherokee Indians removed from their land. Many people saw this as an act that he should be condemned for.

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