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If you were a German at that time then no, he wasn't. Otherwise it depended on the people. Overall, YES! But when Hitler was at his prime, many Germans looked up to him as a hero and their fuhrer. His motivational speeches and determination gave many Germans their hope for a better future after WWI. Mostly all of his life he discriminated against the Jews and cripples and any race that he considered inferior to the Germans. When he took the position as the fuhrer, he immediately began his "master plan" of genocide against Jews. He killed nearly 6 million Jews alone and another million or so of other races and handicapped. After his suicide, everyone soon realized that they were literally brainwashed and that this idea of genocide was absurd and completely wrong. Today there are less than 1000 Jews in Hungary and a little under or over 1 million in Europe. In addition to being evil, Hitler has also become the leading 'icon' of evil. In other words, he has come to symbolize evil, though there may be others, like Mao, who caused as many deaths, perhaps more. It's unfair to say Hitler discriminated against Jews "Mostly all of his life". General consensus is that Hitler was evil, but let's not just remember him for his destruction (although it shouldn't be forgotten), let's also remember him for what he created. The Volkswagen Beetle was mostly designed by Hitler himself, in order to provide a comfortable and gas efficient vehicle for the German people. His version got better gas mileage than most cars today. The Autobahn was the first time a national highway system had been successfully implemented, and was also a Hitler creation. Hitler, in my opinion, was also a talented artist, which was his passion. So the next time you're driving down the interstate in your Beetle listening to someone talk about art on your radio, be sure to remember Hitler. Are we seriously being asked to believe that the Volkwagen - designed by Porsche, not the grotesque little man - and the Autobahns in any way offset Hitler's evil? I know some people are car-mad, but this is ridiculous. Don't forget that Hitler plunged Europe into a devastating war. Hitler was not simply an evil brainwasher. Many of his absurd and brutal ideas had wide support in Europe at the time he rose to power.

Hitler was definitely evil if we use a common definition of the word evil. He caused damage, death and suffering like no other person in history.

But he did not think of himself as evil - a quality he shares with most world leaders who believe that they go to war for a just cause. Answer: Yes, because he killed 6 MILLION Jews and wanted to conquer the Earth.

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Q: Was Hitler evil
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AnswerEvilHitler was an extremely intelligent Evil man. He brain washed millions of Germans, when he him self was not.. Yes... Hitler was evil.

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