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Hitler took other Austria and Czechoslovakia before WW2 and Poland at start of World War 2.

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Q: What countries did Hitler invade prior to World War 2?
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What areas did Hitler invade or annex prior to September 1939?

Austria and Czechoslovakia and bits of other countries.

What countries did the USSR invade prior to the World War 2?

central aisa

What demilitarized zone that borders France and Germany did Hitler invade prior to World War 2?


What country did Hitler invade last?

The last countrry to be invaded by the Nazi's in the second world war prior to their defeat was Estonia in 1941.

How many countries did Hitler invade before 1939?

Austria and Czechoslovakia were annexed and invaded prior to Poland being attacked with a blitzkrieg style of attack in September 1939.

What event contributed to the rise of dictators in Europe prior to world war 2?

Hitler's invasion on neighboring countries

What countries did Hitler take over prior to the start of World War ll?

It was when Germany occupied Czechoslovakia. But the first country was Poland. = =

What province of China did Japan invade prior to World War 2?

I believe it was Manchuria.

How did World War 2 start prior to US involvement?

Hitler wanted to rule the world and he set out invading neighboring countries. On September 1, 1939 Hitler invaded Poland and that was the last step for England and France who promptly declared war on Germany.

What part of Czechoslovakia did Hitler acquire prior to world war 2?

The Sudetenland

Why did japan invade other nations prior to World War 2?

to obtain oil and raw materials

How many different countries have won the World Cup prior to 2010?

There were 7 countries who won the world cup. All were hosts.

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