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In World War 1, the Triple Entente was initially made up of Russia, France, and Britain. Later, they would be joined by Italy and then the US.
Russia, The United Kingdom, and France.

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Q: What countries made up the triple entente?
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Related questions

Which countries made up the Triple Entente in World War 1?

Great Britain, France, and Russia made up the Triple Entente in World War 1.

What countries made up the The Triple Entente?

France, Russia and the British empire.

Which countries made up the Triple Entente?

Russia, France, and Britain (apex)

Why was the triple entente a major part of World War 1?

The Triple Entente was a major part of World War One because these countries made up an entire fighting force. Germany and it's allies made up this group. The Triple Entente fought is also known as the Central Powers.

Which nations made up the triple entente?

Great Britain France and Russia

What was formed initially from the members of the triple entente?

The core of the Allied Forces of World War I was made up of the three Entente nations.

What Countries make up the Triple Entente during World War 1?

Britain, France and Russia

What three nation made up the Triple Entente?

United Kingdom, France, and Russia

What does triple entente mean in World War 1?

An Entente is a kind of alliance that is an agreement not to attack each other. The Triple Entente was made up of France, Britain and Russia. The Entente Powers fought the Central Powers during World War I.

What countries are involved in First World War?

It was mainly made up of the Triple Entente: Great Britain and her Empire, France, Serbia and Russia on one side, then the Triple Alliance: Germany and her Empire, Austria-Hungary, The Ottoman Empire (Turkey and its Empire) and Italy. America joined the Triple Entente later on.

What countries were on each side in World War 1?

lsdsd Great Britain, France and Russia made up one side called the Triple Entente and Germany, Austria and Italy made up the other.

Who joined forces with Germany?

Well, It was the Austrian-Hungarian empire and Italy who made the triple alliance. It was Britain, France, russia who made up the triple entente.

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