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Hitler wanted his people to be of Aryan race, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

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Q: What did Hitler want all his people to look like?
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Blonde stupid hair that made you look like an idioit. So dont look like an idiot, do you want to be hitler, didn't think so HATER! Haters be Haten

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Why did Hitler want everyone to look the same?

you suck butt!!!!!!!!

What was Hitler's opinion of survival of the fittest?

I'm pretty sure, Hitler's dead, it's not like we can just ask him. ask a question that people want to answer.

Did Hitler make the Jews go naked and then persecute them?

Yes, while the Jews were in ghettoes they were all naked. They were because Hitler did not want the German people to feel sorry for them so he made they look like they were not human by covering them in mud and not feeding them.

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