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Planes and fear.

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Q: What did Hitlers plan for defeating Britain rely on?
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Why did the colonies have to rely on themselves and not great Britain?

They were thousands of miles from Britain and it took several months of sailing to reach the colonies from Britain.

What part of great Britain was the last to get railroads?

I believe it was Scotland, but don't rely on my answer because I am not sure.

What was the part of great Britain to last get railroads?

I believe it was Scotland, but don't rely on my answer because I am not sure.

What is the three fold plan?

More then a simple one idea, but a plan that is designed in stages. The first plan relies on the second plan and they both rely on the third. I actuality the plan is one, broken up into phases of three to have a successful result.

Why did conscription end in Britain?

By 1960, the British government had decided that Britain should rely on a full time professional army and not be dependent on conscripts. The last National Servicemen was demobbed in 1963.

Why was it importaint for the colonial leaders unite the colonist against Britain?

because before the revolution we as a nation saw that we can be our own country and not have to rely on britain for support so the colony leaders wanted everyone to realize that and fight to become independent from great britain

Compasses used in airplanes?

Accually no.the aircraft's flight plan gets approoved by a.t.c. then the pilots rely on their gps for alot.

What is a sentence for Rely?

I rely on my best friend. I rely on my friend. I rely on my brother to do well in school. I rely on many people in the world . I rely on many people .

What is the future tense of rely?

The future tense of rely is will rely.

Why was the Albany plan never adopted?

It was not adopted because each of the colonies wanted its own power, and the people thought that they could rely on the British soldiers.

What is an example sentence with the word rely?

'I always rely on my parents to correct my homework' is a sentence with 'rely' in it.

How do you spell rely?

Rely is correct.

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