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the Japanese attack on pearl harbor

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2011-09-13 11:03:21
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What year was japan's World War 2

What describes an important outcome of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor during World War 2

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Q: What event is most responsible for the US becoming involved in World War 2?
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Which event is an example of the Cold War becoming hot?

Which event is an example of the Cold War becoming hot?

What event in order led to Alaska and Hawaii becoming part of the US?

World war 2

What event in World War 2 got the US activly involved?

pearl harbour

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Which World War 2 event involved the vandalizing of Jewish shops in Germany?

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What event caused the US to become involved in the World War 2?

When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

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What event was responsible for the United States' entry into World War 2?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour 7 December 1941.

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