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The major countries involved in the Vietnam War include Japan, France, Vietnam, and the US.

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Q: What major countries were involved in Vietnam War?
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Related questions

What three countries were involved in the vietnam war?

The US , North and South Vietnam .

What major war did the us become involved in?


Why were the countries involved in the Vietnam War?

The fight against the spread of Communism.

What cold war countries were involved in the Vietnam war?

The Soviet Union (USSR) supplied North Vietnam, and the US fought for South Vietnam.

What countries where involved in the last Vietnam war?

Nobody knows. Too bad.

What countries were covered during the Vietnam War?

The countries that were actually "physically" involved, and were bombed or had US aircraft crash into them, whether they were "officially" in the war or not, were: Lao's, Cambodia, North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

What two major wars you involved in during the cold war era?

vietnam war and the cold war

Which countries were not involved in the war?

The ONLY countries involved in the war were: North Vietnam/South Vietnam; South Korea, US, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and the Philippines. War material was supplied to North VN by Red China/USSR.

What was a Major Battle New Zealand was involved in during the Vietnam war?


What are the three major countries in the Vietnam war?

russia france u.s

What countries started the Vietnam war?

Vietnam started as a civil war with French interference, and fairly soon the US and CCCP got involved.

Which countries were involved in the vietnam war?

France,United states of america,and vietnam no other countries because noone knew about it exept france and the U.S.A

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