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The longest war in US history was the Indian Wars (Fighting on the Frontier); from 1620 (Pilgram landing) through 1890 (Wounded Knee). Approximately 270 years of war between the Red Man and the White Man.

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Q: What was the longest war in the war?
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What was the longest war in World War I?

there is none. the longest war in world war 1 is world war 1. it would have to be the longest battle. :)*

What was the longest US war before 1850?

The French and Indian War was the longest US war before 1850.The longest US war in history was the Vietnam War.

European war was the longest war in the war?

Nope acctualy the longest war of the war before the war was acctualy not even a war it was a acctual war.

What was the longest war America?

Longest war-Indian Wars 1622-1890. Longest war (against another recognized country)-Vietnam War 1955-1975.

What was the longest lasting war?

the longest war ever lasted 1,000 years in china

What and where was the longest tug of war?

Eastport Tug o' War Boley tug of war from Ireland was in the longest pull.

What was the longest war the US has ever entered?

The longest war the United States ever entered was the Vietnam War.

Longest us war?

The war on drugs

Which American war lasted the longest?

Vietnam. The Revolution was the longest in which someone actually declared war.

What was the Second longest war in US history?

The second longest war in U.S. history to date was the War in Vietnam. In June 2010 Operation Enduring Freedom(The War In Afghanistan surpassed the Vietnam War for the longest in US History. If you count the "Cold War" as a war then Operation Enduring Freedom would be the second longest war in US History.

Will Afghanistan be the longest war for America?

The American Indian Wars was America's longest war; 1622-1890.

What was the longest and bloodiest war between the whites and Indians?

The longest and bloodiest war between the whites and Indians was King Phillip's War.

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