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The US Treasury Department

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Where did the United States Government get its money for the war efforts in World War 2

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Q: Where did the United States Government get its money for the war efforts in World War 2?
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How is US government different form other forms of government?

The United States government is the closest world government to a true democracy. There is also no monarch in the United States.

Who was The first representative government in the New World?

The United States was the first representative government.

The US financed its efforts in World War 2 by?

The United States financed its efforts in World War II partly by having the United States citizens collect scrap metal for recycling. They also used funds collected by issuing War Bonds along with taxpayer money.

What was the first representative government established in the new world?

the United states

When will the government have a budget deficits?

The United States federal government has had a budget deficit since World War 1. Historically, any war that the United States is involved in leaves a big deficit.

What is the world oldest written plan of government still in use?

the United States constitution

Why did the United States aid the French in their efforts to keep control of Vietnam after world war 2?

Because the Reds were helping out the Viet Minh.

What are 5 types of government in the world and where?

monarchy-England Democracy-United States Communism-China

What type of government did united States have during the world war 2?

The same type it has now.

What clothes did the soldiers wear in the World War 1?

Those issued by the United States government.

After World War 2 Winston churchill argued that the united nations should be?

After World War II, Winston Churchill argued that the United Nations should be controlled by the United States government. He felt at that time that the United States was at the peak of their power.

During what war did the US government take control of all railroads?

During World War 1 the United States government took control of all the railroads. This nationalized system was called The United States Railroad Administration.

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