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Homosexuals, Gypsies, Mental patients, cripples, --- Please also see related question.

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Q: Who else did Hitler target during the Holocaust?
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Related questions

Who were the five million others during the Holocaust?

Gypsies, disabled people, homosxuals, and anyone else who Hitler thought were no use to him

Why did hitler kill the jewsduuringthe holocaust?

one answer is that he did not know what else to do with them.

Who else was to blame for the holocaust other than adolf Hitler?

All the Nazis, but Adolf Hitler was the main cause

Do you like the holocaust?

um... if you're like Hitler yes. but no one else does. it was a gross destruction of Human rights

What did Jews eat at their houses during the holocaust?

The same foods as everyone else.

Who else was persectued during the holocaust besides the Jews?

People with opposing political views.

What did relocation mean during the Holocaust?

well to "relocate" is to move some where else, and during the holocaust they had starvation camps and such so most likely they would be sent to a different camp

Who else did hitler target besides the jews?

he also killed homosexuals jews disabled people tramps alcoholics

What people were victims of the Holocaust?

The greatest number (six million) of victims of the Holocaust were the Jews of Europe, but there were also Gypsies, communists, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, the mentally ill, and anyone else whom the Nazis didn't like.Your grammar is awful. Anyway, I think you meant to ask, "What type of people were victims in the Holocaust?"Jewish people were the main target of Hitler's extermination, or "genocide."Gypsies were also targeted.

Who was part of the Holocaust?

There were many people who were part of the Holocaust. There were many who were persecuted, the Jews for the most part, but also the disabled and whoever else the Germans saw inferior to themselves. Adolph Hitler and the Nazis were also part of the Holocaust. Hitler believed that the Jews and Comunists were the reason for all of Germany's problems. As a result, he told the Nazis to get rid of the Jews.

Were Jews the only ones murder during the holocaust if not who else did Hitler kill?

He was responsible for killing mentally & physically challenged people, gay people, political prisoners. Any one that didn't fit into his idea of a Perfect World.

What else did Hitler do to Jews except gassing them?

concertration camps were enclosed places where jews and other victims of the Holocaust were forced to work,killed and tortured.

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