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Vietnam did Anything to do with Vietnam, especially a question as emotional as this, is still very sensitive. However, I would have to say the first thing is to try and address which war between who in Vietnam. Many occured either simultaneously or around the same time. The war between the Vietnam and French? The war between the Vietnam and US? The US war with the Chinese? or the Cambodians? Debatably, no real conflict occured between the Vietnam and the Chinese, but certainly Vietnam had a decent go at a civil war (hence the North & South Vietnam). As to the US and Vietnam: The entirety of the conflict was by our armed forces on and in that country. No Vietnamese were ever known to have attacked the US, or US assets outside of those occupying their land. Regardless of what was going on internally there already, we (the US) certainly weren't personally involved. Had we not sent in forces to that countries land, whether it became more communist quickly or not, (something one is allowed, even protected to be in the US), there probably would have been no battles and we probably would not have ever had much to do with that area. Had we not sent our forces there, most certainly Vietnamese forces wouldn't have come to occupy US lands or towns -- and you would not now be learning about a US war with Vietnam.

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Q: Who started the war in Vietnam?
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