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The Armies of South Vietnam, China, France, and America all had their part to play in the 'Vietnam Conflict'.

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Q: Who was the Vietnam war important to?
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Who was important in the war of Vietnam?

The Vietnam War was part of the cold war.

Why was it important for the US to enter the Vietnam war?

Vietnam was part of the cold war.

Why was it important for the US to get involved in the Vietnam war?

Vietnam was part of the cold war.

Who is an important Vietnam war veteran?

All of them!

Prisoners of War in the Vietnam?

what important events happened to the prisoners of war during teh Vietnam Era?

Who was important to the us in the Vietnam war?

Lyndon johnson!

Who were important people in Vietnam War?

Mr. Whitmire

What is important to share about he Vietnam war?

Not to repeat mistakes.

Who was the important person in the war in Vietnam?

lee wang

How important was the helicopter in the Vietnam war?

Without the helicopter, the war might have gone on, for the US, for 20 or 30 years AFTER the Tonkin Gulf incident...or never have been fought at all; it was that important. The helicopter made the Vietnam War. Vietnam was a helicopter war.

Important documents of the Vietnam war?

The important documents are those in North Vietnam's archives, detailing how North Vietnam practiced deception while instigating aggression.

Were there any important battles in the vietnam war?

There were several important battles in the Vietnam War. The most important battles for America were the Tet Offensive, the Battle of Hue, and Khe Sanh, which convinced the American government to begin withdrawing its troops from Vietnam. For Vietnam, the Easter Offensive and the 1975 Spring Offensive were the most important. They were the final two major battles of the war and ended the Republic of South Vietnam.

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