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This was both a civil and a surrogate war. The Democratic South was resisting the take over by th Communist North. Each side had its own sponsors and while they might have wanted reunification, they each wanted it on their terms.

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Q: Why did the Vietnamese fight in the Vietnam War?
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Who did the Vietnamese fight in the Vietnam War?

Overall it was a battle between South Vietnam and North Vietnam.

What did the south Vietnamese fight for in the Vietnam war?

To remain a free "Republic of South Vietnam."

Who did you fight during the Vietnam war?

I was not involved in the Vietnam war. That was between the American (and Australians and south Vietnamese) and the Vietcong.

Why did South Vietnamese fight the Vietnam War?

To defend against Communist expansion.

Who did America fight against in Vietnam?

Americans in the Vietnam War were fighting against communist northern Vietnamese.

How did the V Vietnam war effect the vietnamese?

How did the Vietnam war effect the Vietnamese

How many vietnamese died in the Vietnam war?

3,800,000 Vietnamese people died in the Vietnam war.

What is Veitnamization?

Vietnamization was the process by which the prosecution of the Vietnam War was given to the South Vietnamese. The South Vietnamese Army was trained and given materiel to fight North Vietnam and the Viet Cong.

Who won the war between Vietnam and the US?

Most people say Vietnam won because after many years of fighting the united states pulled out of war. So the answer would be the Vietnam won the war. It was actually a war between the communist North Vietnamese and the democratic South Vietnamese. The US decided to fight for the South Vietnamese but eventually pulled out of the war and South Vietnam was overrun.

What was the Vietnamese perception of the Vietnam war?

Around 600,000 Vietnamese died in the Vietnam War. More Vietnamese died than Americans. That amazes me.

Did Vietnamese have a place in the US?

Are you talking about a North Vietnamese or South Vietnamese EMBASSY? There would have been no such thing as a Vietnamese Embassy during the Vietnam War. There was no country called Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Who lived in Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

The Vietnamese lived in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

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