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This is largely due to the fact that many people feel this is more justifiable. The real reason for the Civil War was State's rights. Slavery was the main catalyst. Never forget that Lincoln himself stated that if he could keep the southern states from seceding by allowing the institution of slavery to continue, he would. Lincoln's sole reason for going to war was to preserve the Union. There are many aspects of the U.S. economy and society in the time leading up to the Civil War that actually LED to the war itself. It wasn't just slavery. There isn't one definite answer to why the war started. The reason they say slavery started the war is probably because it was one of the many aspects beginning to be controled by federal government at the time. The Southern states felt that their state rights were being impeded upon by the government. One of these rights was their "right" to own slaves. Hope that answers this a bit. Slavery was AN ISSUE, but not THE CAUSE. Slavery would have eventually been abolished for economic reasons without the war. There were some in the North who truly saw slavery as an evil that should be abolished, but the majority was not so vehemently opposed to it. Only a very small percentage in the South owned more than one or two slaves and therefore had an economic interest in maintaining the status quo. Actually, only 5% owned even one slave. What can we compare this to in today

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Q: Why is it that they say slavery started the Civil War?
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What can you say about the south in the Civil War?

They wanted to keep slavery and the north didn't and that is what started the civil war

Was the civil war only about the slavery issue?

That was the main issue was slavery but some historians say that state rights was also a main issue in the civil war.

What did Lincoln say was the cause of civil war?

Lincoln said in his inauguration that slavery is what caused the civil war im not sure if it was the inauguration im not sure what you call it but he said slavery caused the civil war

When did Abraham Lincoln say no more slavery?

During the Civil War he said this.

How can you end that slavery didn't start the civil war?

No one in their right mind, can say or prove that slavery had nothing to do with the American Civil War. In American History, it's plain to see that slavery was a major reason of why the Civil War was fought for 4 long and hard years.

What did lincoln's critics during the civil war say about him?

the critics say that he cares about slavery and he wants to save them

What did Lincoln's critics say about him during Civil War?

the critics say that he cares about slavery and he wants to save them

What did the critics during the civil war say about Lincoln?

the critics say that he cares about slavery and he wants to save them

What happened when the union army won the civil war?

Slavery was illegal or you can say that it was banished

What was the economic situation in Georgia after the Civil War?

I would say most of it was slavery and racial issues

What did the north say during the civil war?

They said that the the whole union should get rid of slavery.

Why did the civial war start?

The us civil war started because the south wanted to break away from the north and naturally the north didn't want that. Some say that they broke away over slavery disputes and others say that it started because of differences in politics, economy, and religion.

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