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The standard sizes would be 2.450" and 2.100", so you'd need .020 OS mains and .030 OS rods. Use plastigage to verify the clearances are correct.

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Q: What size bearings would i need if the main journals are 2.426 and the rod journals are 2.068 on a Chevy 350 crankshaft?
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What would cause loss of oil pressure in a 1985 Plymouth Voyager?

worn crankshaft bearings

When driving car with no oil and car shuts off what is that knocking noise in the enigine?

That would be the connecting rod bearings and the crankshaft bearings saying goodbye. You have succeeded in destroying the engine.

Has a Chevy s-10 have a crankshaft sensor?

It would depend on what year the vehicle is.

Is a four bolt main crankshaft the same as a 2 bolt main crankshaft?

Yes the crankshaft for say a 350 4 bolt and a 350 2 bolt is the same the only dif is in the block itself. Just make sure to check bearings to make sure the cranks are the same for bearings and have not been turned that would be the only dif in crank shafts the size should be on the bearings std., .001, .010 .020 and so on

What is the metrology meaning of undersize 20 of a shaft in the US car industry?

I'm going to assume you are talking about a crankshaft. When crank journals get worn or scuffed from wear or dirt in the oiling system or a spun bearing a machine shop can regrind the crankshaft to an under size. For instance lets assume a crankshaft rod journal is 2 inches (2.000) and has some wear, so a machine shop regrinds it to .010 under size and now it measures 1.990 inches, so now you'd need a set of rod bearings to fit a crankshaft that has been reground .010 (ten thousandths of an inch) under size, or twenty thousandths, or whatever the case may be. You would measure the crankshaft main and rod journals with a micrometer to determine if they are standard or have been reground and if it was reground to what size.

What would make a 305 out of a 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo stop running and not fire or crank?

rod bearings, pistons locked...thrown rod...could be a million bet is to take it out and check the crankshaft and rods make sure nothing broke

305 Chevy block with a 327 crankshaft stroker motor?

That would be a destroked motor, and would result in a 285.

Can you put a 400 crankshaft in a Chevy 305?

It can be done, but the crankshaft would have to be turned down to the correct size. Also, you would need to use the 400 rods or get a custom set of pistons.

Why would a 2006 Chevy Colorado be missing and hard to start?

check crankshaft sensor sensor

Why would a 96 G20 with 108k miles make noise at the crankshaft area?

Worn main and rod bearings. It could last for a while if you nurse it.

Is it recommended to replace rear axle seals but not the bearings on a 1996 Chevy S-10 4wd?

It would be recommended to replace the rear axle bearings and axles when they are worn/bad. If the bearings and axles are okay, just replace the seals.

What would problem be with a Chevy engine oiling on one side of the engine and not the other valve train?

Cam Bearings