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Of course not. Child support payments are paid over to the parent with legal physical custody.

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Q: Can a father of a child sue for child support if he does not have custody of that child?
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Can step father sue biological father for support even after order was vacated?

No. The step father has no legal standing on which to sue for child support.No. The step father has no legal standing on which to sue for child support.No. The step father has no legal standing on which to sue for child support.No. The step father has no legal standing on which to sue for child support.

Can a child sue for child support after the age of 18 if the father has never paid a penny?

Yes a child can sue a parent for unpaid child support if there was a child support order.

How can a person collect child support when they have to pay child support?

You sue the person for child support. Just because you pay child support for one child does not mean you can not receive child support for the one you have custody of.

Can you sue your biological father for back child support if your mother received welfare?

If you're in the US, no, a child cannot sue his parent for child support (payment for child support is not due to the child).

Can a ex husband sue his ex wife for child support?

Yes of course if he has custody.

Can you sue your 12 year old child's father for child support?


Can a British child not living in the UK sue her father for not paying child support?

No but your mother can. The child support goes to her and not you.

When a child of a married man is wanting to sue him for back child support it has already been confirmed by the state of South Carolina that he is the father what can the child do?

Sue him for retroactive child support.

Can you sue your ex-husband for child support?

If he is the legal father of the child, then he has an obligation to support that child. You can contact child support enforcement in your state or you can retain an attorney and file in the local family court. This is the usual step since you will be asking the court to enter a child custody order at the same time.

Can I sue my child's father and his wife for child support?

You can file a complaint for child support against the father in the family court in your jurisdiction. His wife has no obligations to your child whatsoever.

Can a legal guardian sue parents of child for child support?

Yes. If the legal guardian has custody and is not the biological parent, the biological parents have to support their child and pay her for the child's expenses.

Can you sue your mother for unpaid child support as an adult on behalf of deceased Father?

No, as an adult there is no longer need for a child support. Your father should have done this when you were a child.

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