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Q: Do the contestants of Top Chef get to keep the chef coats they get from the show?
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Is the Wheel of Fortune trip for 2 people?

price gets divided by the two people or its ur choice :) Totally incorrect. No only one player ever goes on to the bonus round in the case of a tie they play the next show. They both keep all the money won as every contestant does always and they skip the bonus round while the two tied contestants come back the next day and a joined by a new player. The winner of the three contestants goes on to play the bonus round at the end of the next episode.

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To keep strands of hair from falling into the food.

Can I be a chef after going to cookery school?

While there is no hard and fast rule for what it takes to be a personal chef, a culinary degree would help get your resume on top of the pile. Depending on one's definition of "personal chef," most moms fit the job description. But families who go to the expense of hiring a chef for their home want creativity and variety, two qualities that are developed in culinary school. Keep in mind that becoming a chef does not guarantee your future as a personal chef. Most opportunities are in the major cities and abroad, so relocation is likely, too.

Why celebrity chef like mr olivier jasko keep calling himself executive head chef when he never was in the kitchen it look to me that he is more like a businessman doing heavy pr than cooking?

Your answer is in your question! Of course good chef turn to Business and PR/Marketing. That is how television works.

Where can you find chef courses online?

As far as I know Only one chef's Training Institute - The Husrt Campus. It is based on Cape Town, South Africa.

How do you get into the bad HQ in poptropica?

1. First, you have to become a chef. Go into the B.A.D Bistro (restaurant) and talk to the chef. Tell him you'd like to apply for the job. He will then test you on your memory. You have to remember the order in which he tapped the ingredients. It is similar to Simon says.2. When you get the job, (you can keep trying) a chef hatwill appear on your head. Go out into the restaurant and talk to the bald guy (B.A.D. agent). He will think you are a chef and will give you his glass which has a FINGERPRINT on it. You will need the fingerprint to get inside the headquarters.

On sims 2 castaway for ds chef butcher does not like you anymore how do you get him to like you again i tried talking and giving gifts now i cant finish the quest?

If you give him the bird eggs from the bird nest, next to where the chef's place is. Keep giving them to him, and he will start to be your friend again. Just remember that he's a chef, and will like most things that he can cook on the fire.

Has anyone worked for Pampered Chef what are the Pros and Cons of the business?

Being a pampered chef consultant, I feel that it has only pros and no cons. The pampered chef allows you to work from home, set your own hours, and earn extra income. For an investment of $155 you get over $500 in free product and paperwork to hold 6 shows. With the PC you don't have to keep inventory of the product and you don't have to deliver the products either. you go to the house hold the show and then you ae done. The pampered chef ships all the orders to the hostess. You have fun while doing your job. You don't have to be a good cook either. the pampered chef gives you all the tools to succeed. you can also earn free trips around the world, jewelry and free products. There is no other job out there like the pampered chef.

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Unlike Jeopardy contestants keep the money won or get theminimum$1000

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