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trust me. it does not. but it learns power whip. it learns it at lv. 60 something

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Q: Does Tanglewhip learn Frenzy Plant if so at what level does it learn it?
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What level does torrtera learn frenzy plant?

Torrterra doesent learn fenzy plant

What level does torrtara learn frenzy plant?

maybe level 4

What level will Roselia learn solarbeam or frenzy plant in Pokemon platinum and where can i get a TM frenzy plant?

You can't teach a Roselia Solarbeam without using a TM and only finally evolved starter grass Pokemon can learn Frenzy Plant.

Does a Venusaur have to be level 50 to learn frenzy plant from the old woman?

No, it just has to be a venusaur!

What Pokemon can learn frenzy plant?

First of all, it doesn't learn Frenzy Plant on its own; second, level it up to Level 50; third, go to Two Island, go north to an old woman's house, and show your Venusaur to her. She will then teach it Frenzy Plant.

What lvl does torterra learn leaf storm?

Lv. 57 is the level when Torterra learns leaf storm but you can also teach it frenzy plant

What level does Venusaur learn frenzy plant?

OK To teach venusaur/maganium/torterra frenzy plant, you need to beat the elite four, the weakest trainers in the world. Next you need to go to route 228 (check the map!) go straight ahead, don't cycle up any slopes, you will find a house, go inside it and talk to the old guy, he will tell you what to do.

At what level does tortera learn frenzy plant?

He doesn't learn it by level, a person teaches it to starters (stage 3). you go to the place with the villa then you go up till you see a house. Note: The Pokemon must be attached to you (like you).

What level does Garchomp learn giga impact?

You have to teach it by TM. it is TM 68. Also, don't bother teaching a Torterra frenzy plant. It takes ages for it to get to max happiness. Hope i helped :)

On Pokemon pearl what level does torterra learn frensy plant?

There is a tutor above the Resort area in the sandstorm place there should be a house go in and the man will teach any starter in their last forms either hydro cannon, blast burn or frenzy plant depending on the type

What are all the moves that torterra can learn at what levels?

The Torterra moves are: tackle, withdraw, absorb, razor leaf, wood hammer, curse, bite, mega drain, earthquake, leech seed, synthesis, crunch, giga drain, leaf storm, and frenzy plant. Torterra learns all these moves by level 80. (frenzy plant is learned from some guy in a house near the resort area, and the fight area).

What level does sceptile learn frenzyplant?

Sceptile cannot learn Frenzy Plant via level-up. It can only be learned via Move Tutor.In D/P/Pt: an elderly man appears on Route 228 in the Battle Zone, and will teach it to the three fully evolved Grass-type starters of the previous generations, as well as Torterra. He will also require that the Pokémon that is to learn the move has a high happiness rating.In HG/SS: the Move Tutor that can teach Frenzy Plant, as well as Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon to their Corresponding Pokémon, can be found in the Move Deleter/Move relearner's house in Blackthorn City (West of the Pokémon Center).In B/W: the Move Tutor that can teach Frenzy Plant appears in a house on Route 13, and will teach it to the four fully evolved Grass-type starters of the previous generations, as well as Serperior. Like in previous generations, this move tutor will require that the Pokémon he teaches the move to has a high happiness rating.For more information on Sceptile and Frenzy Plant, visit the following website:bulbapedia.bulbagarden.netOr you can visit related links for the URLs