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You have to sign a whole bunch of legal papers.

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If an American citizen gives birth in Jamaica is the child considered an American or Jamaican citizen and will the child be able to go to America without paperwork

Why is it important for citizens of the US to be informed about issues and about their political leaders

What has made voters more informed

What method did political parties first use to nominate presidential candidates

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Q: How can a US citizen immigrate to Canada?
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Where did the Irish immigrate too?

they immigrated to the US and Canada

Can a US citizen open a business in Canada?

US citizen open a business in Canada

Where did Vietnamese immigrate after the war?

Primarily the US, Canada, and Australia.

Can a US citizen get a drivers license in Canada?

No, you cannot get a drivers license in Canada if you are a US citizen.

What might motivate a us citizen to immigrate to Mexico?

A plentiful supply of inexpensive tequila.

Which countries are the easiest to immigrate from besides the us?

Canada = very easy.

Is Justin Bieber a US citizen?

No, he is a citizen of Canada. He was born and raised in Ontario, Canada.

Can you be a citizen of the US and Canada?

yes you can

Where do Romanians immigrate?

In Spain, Italy, France, Germany, US, Canada etc.

What statements about Canada's Immigration is true?

People from many countries immigrate to Canada.

Can a US Citizen with a DWI enter Canada?


Hi! My name is Juliana Im a redisent permanent in Us and romanian citizen and I will like to immigrate in Canada! Can u please advice me what are the steps to get to Canada! Thank You!?

You can immigrate to Canada via the employment route. Start out by applying for jobs in your field of specialization. The most in-demand jobs in Canada right now are in the fields of healthcare, legal, and science and engineering. If you belong to one of these professions, it's easier for you to immigrate. Once you receive an offer of employment you can visit a Citizenship and Immigration Canada office in your area to start the immigration application process.

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