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You can buy a microwave leakage detector and it will show signs of leaking microwave energy...

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โˆ™ 2009-04-22 23:21:41
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Q: How do you know when your microwave is leaking?
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Can you leave plates of food to be eaten later on-top of a microwave if the microwave is used in the mean time will it not keep reheating the food on top of the microwave?

Microwaves should not be leaking from the microwave oven, however leaving food out and not refrigerated can be a health hazard in itself.

How does the microwave know when your popcorn is done?

The microwave doesn't actually know when the popcorn is done. You have to listen to the slowing of the popcorn popping sound. When a microwave oven has a "popcorn" button, it is really just setting the microwave for the ideal temperature and time for popping microwave popcorn. It does not actually know when the popcorn is done.

How close to stand next to a microwave oven in safe?

You can stand as close as you like. Microwave ovens are perfectly safe and the amount of microwave radiation leaking from it is so minuscule as to be irrelevant. People generally don't realize, but there's more energy in light than there is in microwaves. Microwave leakage can't hurt you.

What is the physics of microwave popcorn?

i know

Is there a synoym for microwave?

Not as far as i know.

How do you know where oil is leaking from when its on your starter?

I would suspect that is a Valve Cover gasket leaking.

Who made first microwave?

Dr. Percy Spencer invented the first microwave, from what I know.

What happens when you run a microwave with no food in it?

nothing would happen the microwave does not know if there is anything in there or not.

Does the microwave oven pose health risks?

There is supposed to be some danger from leaking radiation while the unit is working if it is not sealed properly.

Tips for Microwave Ovens?

To know best cooking tips for a Microwave Oven, please goto

Why is the antifreeze leaking out in a 1994 Corsica?

First where is it leaking or do you know? just to the right and under the fill "tank".

What are facts on microwaves?

did you know you can heat barbie dolles in da microwave ha ha =D did you know you can heat barbie dolles in da microwave ha ha =D did you know you can heat barbie dolles in da microwave ha ha =D

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