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you cant, you have to level them up

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Q: How do you teach Pokemon moves in Pokemon creator?
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How do you teach a Pokemon moves in Pokemon black?

Just like the other Pokemon games you can teach moves when Pokemon level up or by TM's and HM's which are machines containing various Pokemon moves such as Thunderbolt or Fireblast. You can even have a move tutor teach moves to your Pokemon where that person is i can't tell.

Can Pokemon learn moves in the pokewalker?

You cannot teach Pokemon moves while they are in the Pokewalker.

How do you teach rocksmash to Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

the same way you teach Pokemon moves in all the other Pokemon games.

If you put Pokemon in the daycare centre in Pokemon ruby does the guy teach them moves?

yeah he does so you shouldn't teach your Pokemon good moves until after you take him out of the daYCARE

Is muk a good Pokemon?

It can be if you teach it the right moves.

Is mamoswine a good Pokemon?

that depends on what moves you teach it! =)

How do you teach Pokemon moves?

Use a TM or HM on it that is compatible.

What moves should you teach your Snorlax on Pokemon firered?


What Pokemon should you teach cut?

You should teach HM moves to a pokemon that you will not be using, as you can't forget HM moves until you get to a move deleter. Grass type Pokemon's can usually be thought cut.

Do you have to teach kadabra moves in Pokemon pearl?

No you don't have to. AS it gains levels, and it says to teach it a move, do not

What are shards used for in Pokemon Platinum?

shards can be used to trade with other people. in return, they may teach your Pokemon moves. there are 3 move tutors in Pokemon platinum that will teach your Pokemon moves in exchange for shards in a specific color.

There is no person in the Pokemon soul silver game that can teach moves to a Pokemon?

well theres the headbutt guy in ilex forest... And there is the Move Tutor in Blackthorn City who will teach your Pokemon moves in exchange for a Heart Scale.

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