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There are 15 Roller Coasters in Canada's wonderland. The most tallest, biggest roller coaster is The Behemoth.

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2009-07-14 05:10:29
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Q: How much rollar coasters are at Canada's Wonderland?
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How much will a rollar coster cost?

Rollar coasters are never the same price because it depends how large or small it is and it also depends how many objects u use to make it or design it.

How much does a day pass cost at wonderland?

A single day adult pass is $45.56 to Canadas wonderland

How much is a ticket for Canadas wonderland?

the season's pass price has a large range, 4 prices go to Canada's wonderland site, for your general admission I'm still trying 2 find an answer.

How much does it cost to buy a seasons pass for Canada's wonderland at a variety store?

it is about $72.00 on canadas , so at a variety store probably about 65 - 70 dollars. if u renew ure season pass it is only $60

How much money does Quebec cost Canada every year?

Around 35% of Canadas yearly budget even throught they only house 23% of Canadas population.

How much rides are there in Canada wonderland?

there are 68 rides at wonderland

How much friction do roller coasters have?

a normal amount

Are roller coasters getting faster and stronger?

Yes. Roller coasters are getting much more faster and lot stronger than before. Every single day roller coasters are getting upgraded to make it even more terrifying. In every year, roller coasters are getting a lot scarier and way much more terrifying and it could be possible for roller coasters to get stuck up there but roller coasters still can get down once it was

How much money did Wonderland gross worldwide?

Wonderland grossed $1,060,512 worldwide.

How much money did wonderland gross?

Wonderland grossed $1,060,512 in the domestic market.

How much money did Wonderland gross domestically?

Wonderland grossed $1,060,512 in the domestic market.

How much are roller coasters?

It depends on what amusement park the roller coaster is.

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