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Use a DVD Copying software.

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WinX DVD Ripper can help copy movie DVD to computer.

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Q: How to Copy movie files from a DVD to a computer?
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How do you download a DVD to your computer so you can re burn it on to another DVD?

I think you may need a DVD copy to copy the DVD to another DVD disc. You could not "download" a DVD to your computer, but you could rip it to other video or movie files then burn it to another DVD disc.

How do you copy DVD files from computer to conventional CD?

If you have multiple files on the DVD, copy it to the hard drive and fit what you can on each CD marking where you left off in the files. If it's a single file, or a DVD movie or something, it's a lot more difficult. You'll need a file splitter.

You want to copy a burned DVD to windows movie maker and your drive wont read it?

I would have to say something is corrupt with the files on the DVD or you do not have a DVD compatible drive on your computer.

When you burn files are they still on your computer?

Yes; burning files to a recordable CD or DVD creates a copy.

What software do you need to burn a movie on DVD R to watch on your DVD player?

Pretty well any burning software will burn the DVD files onto a DVD-R. The problem is getting the DVD files in the first place.If you have compressed files (avi, wmv) andyour DVD player can play this type of file, all you need is the burning software. But if you want to copy a movie from a commercial DVD, then a) that is illegal and not something I want to talk about on this site, and b) you can't just do a file copy operation, because the files are all copy-protected.If you have a movie that you made on a video camera, then you should be able to copy the files to a DVD. The camera should have instructions on how the files are stored, and how to copy them to a DVD.

How do you copy video games?

if by copy, you mean copy the files of the video game, it is quite simple. but be warned, many companies will pursue a copyright infringement lawsuit if they know you are doing this as you do not have the rights to legally reproduce or replicate their IP. onwards then. If it is a computer game, one you have downloaded not an online one. then simply look it up in your computer files. Find the file and right click it for the menu. From there you should be able to click copy to duplicate the files, then paste anywhere to create duplicate files. Its a bit trickier for a console, and i only own an XBOX360 so i would not know if this works for a ps3. get a usb (At least one gig of space and DONT USE ONE WITH IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON IT, IT WILL BE DELETED!) and jack it into the xbox. go to system settings>memory. from there select the usb and click on configure. now that the usb is now usable, open up your hard drive for your xbox and go to the files you want copied. select move and move them into your usb. now simply take the usb and put it in your computer. From there you can open the usb up and simply copy the files just like how you did for a pc game.

How do you copy a DVD on to iTunes?

You need to copy DVD files and convert them to iTunes compatible format. Most DVD titles are designed to prevent you from making copy by CSS. So you need a professional DVD Ripper, which can rip DVD movie to iTunes.

Can you store computer files on a DVD?

Yes. A DVD is just a disc with the capacity to store data - it needn't be a movie.

How do you copy files from your computer to a DVD?

The easiest way to copy files from the computer to a DVD is to use a backup program with prompts that will tell the user the different steps. If only a few files need to be copied, open the "Libraries" Tab, then click on the file folder to be downloaded. Insert the dvd, and follow the prompts. Hold the mouse on the file, click and hold the left button, and then slide the files to the name of the drive being used for the dvd.

Can you rent a movie and copy it onto your computer?

Yes, just download DVD Shrink.

How do you copy files from damaged DVD?

you can try Isobuster

Can you buy normal dvds and load onto your ipod?

Only a certain type of video file can be played on the iPod so you can only load some of the DVD movie files you have onto the iPod but most of the dvds are protected from copying the content of the DVD into the computer. So if you buy a DVD and copy the movie file into the computer successfully then you should be able to upload that movie onto your iPod.

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