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No, Radar was invented in the early 1940's, the Titanic sunk in 1912

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Q: Was there radar on the Titanic?
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Did the Titantic have a radar?

No it did not because that kind of technology was not invented until WWII. At that time period when the Titanic was sailing it was not equipped with a radar.

Name a piece of technology you would never have seen on the titanic?

Radar. Satellite navigation.

Did the iceburg show on the radar while titanic was sailing?

radar wasnt invented in 1909 when the titanic was created in irelend. they did have 2 men patrolling the sea in the crows nest, but on the night of sinking, banoculars wernt on board so the men couldent see the iceberg until it was close.

Name some pieces of technology you would never have seen on the titanic?

gps microwave ipod computer tv radar cellphone

What are the applications of radar?

The applications of a radar is,Whale's radar,ship's radar,submarine's radar,plane's radar.

What is a radar engineer?

A radar engineer works with radar. They have design, develop, install, and test a radar.

What are the advantages using 3D Radar over 2D Radar?

I need brief description of 2D Radar and 3D Radar. What is the principle of operation of a 3D Radar. Compare 2D Radar with 3D Radar Suminda

What is a radar mast?

A radar mast is a high platform to mount a radar antenna such as the radar has an unobstructed view.

What do you mean radar?


What is a antonym for radar?


What wer the reasons for sinking of titanic?

Titanic struck an iceberg in the middle of the night which buckled her plates, causing her rivets to pop. Water entered between the plates and caused her to tip and then to fill. She cracked and then her separate pieces sunk.

What are the advantages of radar range over radar bearing?

Radar range is the distance of the object from the radar. Radar bearing is the direction of the object in relation to the radar. As radar is primarily used for ranging, the range information may be more important than the bearing.

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