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His two front teeth.

(Actually, that's a different song by a different person. Alvin still want[s] a hula hoop.)

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Q: What does Alvin the chipmunk still want for Christmas?
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What does Alvin the chipmunk want for Christmas?

Alvin wants a hula-hoop for Christmas.

What did Alvin the chipmunk want for Christmas?

Alvin wants a hoo ls hoop

What does Alvin the Chipmunk want for Christmas in the Chipmunk song?

Alvin wants a hula hoop!This is in one of their songs.

What dose Alvin the chipmunk want for Christmas?

Alvin wants rock band 2

For Christmas what does Alvin want that he sings about in the chipmunk song?

im not sure if this answer is correct , but i recall him asking for a hoola hoop " me i want a hoola hoop"

Who wants a hula hoop in the chipmunk song?

Alvin wanted a hula hoop. The lyrics in that section of The Chipmunk Song go: Chipmunks: "Want a plane that loops the loop" Alvin: "Me, I want a hula hoop"

What gift does Alvin want in the holiday chipmunk song?

Alvin says he wants a hula hoop.

How can you draw Alvin and the chipmunks?

If you want to draw Alvin and the chipmunks you maybe should draw a chipmunk standing with clothes and one with glasses. But you don't have to.But you want to find chipmunk that looks like Alvin And the other chipmunks.

On the movie Alvin and the chipmunks what does Alvin want for Christmas?

hula hoop

Can you own a chipmunk in Pennsylvania?

trust me you do NOT want to keep a chipmunk as a pet (unless it is Alvin and the chipmunks =D) one time i was petting a chipmunk and it bit me but i am really good with animals .

What did Alvin want for Christmas?

A hula hoop.

Does Alvin the chipmunk like Brittany the chipette?

Yes!Alvin adores Brittany but they act mean to each other because they want no1 to find out.

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