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Q: What does Ponyboy tell the Soc girls that impresses them?
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What was a Soc to Ponyboy?


Which soc stopped by to visit Ponyboy while he was home recovering?

The soc that stopped by to visit Ponyboy while he was recovering at home was Randy Adderson.

Why does johnny stab the Soc?

Johnny kills a soc because they were drowning Ponyboy.

What Soc wants to talk to Ponyboy?


What Soc wanted to talk to ponyboy?


Who was drowning Ponyboy?

An unnamed Soc was drowning Johnny

How did johnny's life change when he got jumped by a Soc in the outsiders?

Johnny killed a soc when him and ponyboy got jumped by them and they were trying to drown ponyboy. So ponyboy and Johnny had to run away to keep from getting into trouble.

What Soc befriended ponyboy in The Outsiders?

Cherry befriended ponyboy.

What soc want to talk to ponyboy and why in the book outsider?


How does Ponyboy get a conussion?

From being kicked in the head by the Soc during the rumble.

What Soc did Johnny stab in the Outsiders?

Bob, because he was drowning ponyboy.

Why do people turn and look at Ponyboy and Cherry go for refreshments?

Pony was a greaser and Cherry was a Soc.