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AnswerDuring operation torch American forces landed on northern Africa ( Algeria) in November 1942 and had to deal first the Vichy french( free french forces) and joined for the first time the war in Europe against the Germans and the Italians. the campaigns went to Tunesia and ended after the defeat and run from the German Africa corps till mid 1943, while the British forces advanced from the eastern part (the 8th army under command of Montgomery) from Libia.

The Tuskegee Airmen became the first group of African American pilots.

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Q: What happened during Operation Torch?
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When did Operation Marne Torch happen?

Operation Marne Torch happened on 2007-06-16.

What was first recorded during the operation torch?


What was the axis center of gravity during operation Torch?

Vichy France

How long did the operation torch last?

The Operation Torch Lasted 2 days.

When America entered World War 2 they planned Operation Torch an invasion of?

Originally called Operation Gymnast, Operation Torch was the British-American invasion of French North Africa during the second african campaign during World War 2.

What is the Center of gravity for operation torch?

Operation Torch was an operation by the Allies during WW2 where British and American forces invaded French North Africa. The center of gravity for the entire operation was arguably the successful Air Force landings in Algiers.

What were Operation Torch and Operation Overlord?

Operation "Torch" was the plan for the invasion of North Africa. Operation "Overlord" was the plan for the invasion of Normandy (D-Day)

Who commanded operation torch?

General Dwight D. Eisenhower was given overall command of 'Operation Torch' .

Who were the Americans fighting on January and february of 1943?

Germans and Italians in Africa during operation torch

What is desert war in World War 2?

it's happened in north africa. it's called operation torch

When was operation lighting the torch?

Operation Torch-The allied Invasion of North Africa began on November 8, 1942.

Where was Operation Torch?

North Africa if I remember right. During WWII. Does that help? Yes: Morocco & Algeria.

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