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zakat for 8 types of people like poor , ...

tax for the government but there is some Condition to be taken from the People not like we-see today

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2011-05-14 14:11:16
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Q: What is the similarities between tax and zakat?
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What are the similarities and differences between Zakat and idea of global tax on wealth that is suggesting by Thomas Piketty?

The similarities between Zakat and Thomas Piketty on the idea of global tax on wealth included their reference on the gap between the rich and the poor but differed on Piketty's idea that the inequality could not be eliminated.

What is the Differences between tax and zakat?

following is the difference between Tax and Zakat 1. A tax is levied on all the citizens of the state while Zakat is levied only on the Muslim members of the society. 2. Zakat is a compulsory payment which must be paid by the Muslims and tax is also a compulsory payment but it is remittable by the government of the state. The Zakat is not remit tenable. 3. Zakat has a religious sanctity behind it because it is one of the five pillars of Islam. But a tax is a compulsory contribution to the state to cover the cost of services rendered by it for the general benefit of the people. 4. The rate of Zakat (i.e. 2.5%) is fixed by the God in the Holy Quran and cannot be changed by the government of the state from time to time to meet its requirements. 5. The nature of the sources of Zakat is fixed but the sources of a tax are variable. The sources of a tax can be diversified in accordance with the need of revenue requirements. 6. The income collected from Zakat can only be spent on deserves of Zakat. The specified items of deserves are laid down by the Holy Quran but taxes can be spent on various requirements as determined by the government of a state.

What is the similarities between vat and sales tax?

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Different between zakat income and income tax?

PaymentThe payment of Zakat is a religious duty whereas the payment of tax is a national dutyImpositionZakat is imposed only on the Muslim members of the society whereas tax is imposed on all the citizens in proportion to their ability to pay.CompulsionZakat is a compulsory payment which is not remitted by anyone whereas tax though compulsory payment, yet is remittable by the Govt.

How is zakat collected?

Zakat can be collected in something similar to a tax, but Muslims from a non-Islam country usually either give their Zakat to developing countries or send it to the government of an Islam country

What are the similarities between property tax and income tax?

both based of amount of the value . the higher income and property value determines tax rate

Similarities between state income tax and federal income tax?

The taxable amounts of the income from each income tax return will be taxed at the tax rates for the state and for the federal.

What are some similarities between tax and discount?

There are no similar things between the two except that they both involve money.

What are similarities between Sole Traders and Public limited companies?

they both have to pay tax sjc

What is the difference between zakat and zakatul fitr?

zakat is paid once in ayear while zakkatul fitr is paid in the idd day

Similarities between state and society?

similarities between state and socit

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