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the strongest electric type move is volt tackle

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Q: What is the srtongest electric move?
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What defeats water in Pokemon?

Use any grass or electric-type move. It is also resistant to itself, ice, fire, and steel. it is not immune to anything. edit: grass and electric type moves are super effective against water

How do you get to the electric type gym leader on Pokemon platinum?

The easiest way is to use a ground-type Pokemon that knows ground-type moves. If you cannot get this, at least get a Pokemon that has a ground-type move. The electric gym will go much smoother if you use a ground-type move or Pokemon (or both).

If a stationary electron sat inside a stationary electric field would the electric field cause the electron to move?

Yes. Stationary electric (electrostatic) fields will act on each other and a force will be developed. If you had a standing electric field and could "beam in" an electron (a la Star Trek), the electron would react at once and move either toward a positive field source or away from a negative field source. The electron would know the field was there the instant it appeared.

What particles move during an electric circuit?

Neutrons. (In type ax1, ay1 is varied due to voltage and amp conditions.)

What enables the electric current to move through a material?

The electric current moves in the direction opposite to the flow of electrons by convention.When a potential difference is applied to a material which has "loose" electrons, the electrons move in a direction opposite to the potential gradient and the current moves in the opposite direction to the flow of electrons.This is how current flows in materials.

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Is the move crunch effective against electric type Pokemon?

No, crunch is a dark type move and electric types weakness is ground.

What makes electric charges move through wires in an electric circuit?

A voltage.

How fast can an electric motor 350W go?

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How do you get past a Magikarp?

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