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He uses a Cannon XL1- XL2. in the show the camera is a fake brand but it looks like the Canon XL1

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Q: What kind of camera does Freddie from icarly use?
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What equipment does iCarly use?

Freddie uses a very expensive camera from canon and a little remote.

What equipment do you need to make your own webshow?

You need a tech cart(like the one Freddie uses in icarly), a digital camera or video camera or webcam, a laptop, internet connection, and microphones. You also need a website to put all your videos and stuff. You could use,,, or

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The kind of camera that Andrea Russett uses for her videos is the Polaroid camera.

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What kind of camera does jennxpenn use?

Canon 60D

What laptop or computer does Freddie from iCarly use?

Freddie Benson uses a fictional laptop with a pear on it (a parody of MacBooks which have an apple). They've never really given it a name, but I believe it's a PearBook. Like the 'PearPod' and 'PearPad' that are also seen on the show.

What kind of lens is required for a Canon digital camera?

For a Canon digital camera, a 50mm camera lens is just about right. You can also use other lenses depending on what kind of digital camera you are using.

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He uses Canon

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i am not sure.....

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The one in his or her hand.

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He uses this special video camera to do his music videos. If that's what you mean?

What kind of phone does icarly and victorious use on their shows?

a pearphone. it doesnt exist in real life tho

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