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Harley Davidson sportster

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Q: What kind of motorcycle is house riding in the last episode?
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What kind of motorcycle did Baretta have in the episode The Left Hand of the Devil?


What kind of motorcycle did Channing Tatum ride in GI Joe?

Channing Tatum was riding a 2009 Indian Chief motorcycle.

What kind of motorcycle was Don Rich riding when he crashed and was killed?

Harley - Davidson Sportster chopper

What kind of license do you need to ride a motorcycle?

This varies from place to place. In some places, there is a specific motorcycle learner's license that you need to have before riding a motorcycle. In some places, you can ride a motorcycle with a normal driver's license. In other places, no license is required.

What kind of motorcycle does the Geico man ride?

Geico money man is riding a honda interstate . 1300cc carburated , water cooled , 5.speed

What kind of motorcycle did ben rothlesburger crash?

He was riding a 2005Suzuki Hayabusa. Ben was also not wearing a helmet nor did he posses a valid MC license.

if you where on a brig what kind of vehicle will you be riding?

you will be riding a bicycle

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Rango is a Chameleon! RIDING! He is RIDING a Roadrunner.

About how much would a minor under 21 who has taken an approved motorcycle course with a 250cc used sports motorcycle valuing around 3000 have to pay for insurance in Texas?

It depends on what kind of bike you'll be riding and whether or not it's financed. Most riders pay about $200 a year, but that could be higher for you given your young age, and again, it depends on the motorcycle. If you're going to be riding the 250cc used bike, it won't be too high.

What motorcycle does Justin Bieber have?

The kind you drive

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harley sprint

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