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Well to become a true successful movie producer it is best to receive a degree in business as a base. Producers are all about the money, there is really no artistic aspect of producing that is important, as all of the artistic aspects of a film are handled by the director and artistic teams :)

Film producers are the backbone of a movie; they hire the director and other major team members and are the backers of the production team as well as the negotiators and political lightning-rod working with the studio/investors.

Not all producer skills require education or experience. If your director needs a sofa, you may have to drive over to your mother's house and borrow hers to complete the shot. On the other hand, you also must be skilled at dealing with powerful studio executives who demand detailed progress reports. It's the producer's job to keep everyone motivated and well-supplied and bring the project in on time and under budget.

Skills important to producers include an understanding of how film production works (in order to control costs) and, in particular, an ability to work well with people. As mentioned above, you should have an understanding of how to communicate with the many kinds of people involved in shooting, editing and distributing a movie.

Many producers also discover and nurture the creative roots of film projects. It is the producer who will negotiate the rights to a book or story on which a movie is based. In TV, many producers are writers (Normal Lear, Chris Carter, Steven Bochco, James Brooks) whose dual roles allow them to keep creative control of the production of their stories.

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Q: What qualifications do you need to become a film producer?
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