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I suggest you seek legal counsel. If you can't afford to see a lawyer, then there is free legal counsel provided for anyone. If you can't find it in the phone book then ask the operator. You can also go onto: TYPE IN: How do you get custody of your unborn child in the State of _______. YOU ARE the father and do have some rights. However, if there are some reasons for your wife's actions you could lose (not accusing you here.) You were found to be mentally/physically abusive to your wife Alcohol or drug abuse Refusing to work to support your wife and unborn child Good luck Marcy

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2006-05-03 20:22:42
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Q: What rights do you have to your unborn child if you are afraid that your wife may leave before the baby is born?
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How do you sign your rights over to the father of your unborn baby?

In all 50 states, you have to wait for the child to be born before you can forfeit your rights to a child.

What rights does a mother have to an unborn child?

All of them. Your child is your child.

In Australia what are a fathers rights to unborn child?

He has no rights until the child is born even if he can prove it is his.

Signing over rights of an unborn child?

By whom?

If a man is founded as a child abuser and your child is the one he abused but is not the father of the abused child but is of your unborn child does he have rights to the unborn baby?

A court would never award custody or visitation rights to a convicted child abuser.

What rights does the father have to your unborn child in Minnesota?

In the United States the father has no rights until the child is born.

Can a father of an unborn child out of wedlock stop the mother of the child from moving out of the country before giving birth?

No the father has no paternal rights until the baby is born.

What are fathers rights to unborn child in Arizona?

None until it is born.

Laws in Kentucky for rights of a father of an unborn child?

In the United States, fathers have no rights regarding unborn children. In Kentucky, a father won't have rights to a child unless he's on the birth certificate or until he establishes paternity in court.

Does your 15 year old daughter have any rights to her unborn child?

Yes, her God-given natural rights. You should care for and support her and your unborn grandchild.

Rights of an unborn child?

An unborn child does not have a chance in life. The unborn have the rights the woman carrying it agrees to up to the 24th week. If she chooses to keep the fetus it has the right to medical help if needed etc. If she chooses to abort it has no rights. After week 24 the fetus has rights and the woman is no longer allowed to abort unless it threatens her health.

Can a father terminate parental rights of an unborn child in Texas can i still file for child support?

Termination of parental rights does not terminate one's child support obligation.

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