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John Logie Baird (August 13, 1888 - June 14, 1946) Scottish engineer and inventor of the world's first working television system in Hastings, England in 1923. An official blue plaque marks the house where this took place. Hastings Museum hold various pieces of related correspondence. A further demonstration subsequently took place in a department store, Selfridges, in London England, by Mr Baird himself. This took place in 1925. The system was successful enough to become commercialised, and the BBC began the world's first regular television broadcasts, using the Baird system, In 1927, Baird transmitted a long-distance television signal over 438 miles (705 km) of telephone line between London and Glasgow; Baird transmitted the world's first long-distance television pictures to the Central Hotel at Glasgow Central Station. He then set up the Baird Television Development Company Ltd, which in 1928 made the first transatlantic television transmission, from London to Hartsdale, New York. In 1939, Baird showed color television using a cathode ray tube in front of which revolved a disc fitted with colour filters, a method taken up by CBS and RCA in the United States. In 1941 He patented and demonstrated a system of three dimensional television at a definition of 500 lines. On 16 August 1944 he gave the world's first demonstration of a fully electronic colour television display. Later in America I think you mean which NETWORKS were aired on the first TVs. In 1946 when TV began national broadcasts there were only the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and DuMont. The latter disappeared after the 1954-55 season. ABC and CBS joined in 1948. These networks have "affiliates" in about 215 cities all over the US. In New York, for example, NBC was on channel 4 and DuMont was on channel 5. In Pittburgh it's channels 11 and 2. So to answer your question literally, it all depends on which city you're talking about.

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Q: What were the first television networks?
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