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The Power Rangers Television Series started airing on TV in 1993.

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2009-06-11 06:11:03
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Q: What year did the power rangers television show began?
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Are power rangers fake?

Power Rangers is fake since it's a TV show but the people in the show that play the Rangers are all real.

Does Power Rangers exist?

NO! its a tv show ----------------------- only in your imagination

Are power rangers dino charge real?

Yes Power Rangers Dino Charge is real in the sense that it's a real season of Power Rangers.

What was the most popular TV show in the 90's?

Power Rangers!

Are power rangers really real?

No of course not... it's a television show.

Is power rangers samurai real?

Noneof the power rangers are real. Its a tv show olnly a 4 year old belives they are real

What's the correct name of the popular kids tv show?

Power Rangers

Who does the voice of Goldar in Power Rangers?

Kerrigan Mahan was the voice of Goldar in the TV Show.

Is there a new power rangers tv show in the works?

Yes, there is a new Power Rangers TV Show in the works which will be called Power Rangers Dino Charge. The creative team is currently as of August 12, 2014 preparing for the pre-production work in New Zealand as well as the boot camp that the cast that will play the Rangers will have to go through before they start filming.

How can the actors from power rangers play in Digimon?

The actors from the "Power Rangers" TV show can play roles in the "Digimon" TV show because Digimon is an animé show and therefore it requires only dubbing over dialogue which all actors in Power Rangers do as part of their role in "Power Rangers" in case they need to re-do lines that cannot be heard while they were filming a live action show or in case they need to fix a mistake that a cast member made.

When did the TV show 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' first premiere on television?

August 28, 1993

What is that television show with people in robotic suits where you found out that the pink one was a girl?

Power rangers?

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