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The Indianapolis Colts are from Indiana.

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The Indianapolis Colts are from Baltimore and moved to Indianapolis in 1984.

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I don't mean to be snarky, but you posted this question in a category called "Indianapolis Colts." That might be a clue.

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Q: Where are the Indiana colts from?
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What city in Indianapolis do the colts play?

Since 1984 the Indianapolis Colts play in, you guessed it, Indianapolis.

What are the names of the Indiana sports team?

While a single sport recognized as being the "state sport", due to the popularity of the Indianapolis 500, I believe auto racing is the most popular sport in the state. there isn't a single sport recognized as being

What is Indiana's NFL team?

Depending on your sport, Indiana has probably got a team for you. With the 5 major sports teams counting Indianapolis as their home town you can find the following: Indianapolis Colts, the football team, basketball comes from the Indiana Pacers, Women's Team The Indiana Fever are a football team, The Indianapolis Indians give you a baseball team to cheer for and then there is the hockey team Indiana Ice.

What is the state motto of the Indianapolis Colts?

there is good transportation in this state,such as canals, railroads.

What year did the Baltimore colts move to Indianapolis?

September 27,1953The NFL Baltimore Colts1953-1970The Colts began the 1953 season with a blockbuster trade, swapping five Baltimore players for 10 Cleveland Browns. Among the players who came to Baltimore were future coach Don Shula; Bert Rechichar, Carl Taseff and Art Spinney, among others. The 2nd incarnation of the Baltimore Colts first took the field at Memorial Stadium on September 27, with Coach Keith Molesworth. The Colts would stun the Bears that day 13-9 to get the new franchise off on the right foot. However, the Colts struggled to a 3-9 season in their inaugural year.[2]

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What year did the Indianapolis Colts move to Indiana?

The Colts moved to Indianapolis Indiana in 1984.

What NFL team has the name young male horses?

The Indiana Colts

What state are you in when you are watching Indianapolis Colts?

You are in Indiana

What state are you in when you are watching the Indianapolis Colts?


In what city do the colts play?

Indianapolis, Indiana

Who is indiana's NFL team?

Indianapolis colts

Location of Indianapolis Colts?

Indianapolis, Indiana

What state is the Indianapolis Colts playing for?

Indiana obviously because Indianapolis has Indiana in it.

Where is the Indianapolis Colts home state?