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Ponyboy, Johnny and Dallas. Dallas leaves after a while and it's just Ponyboy and Johnny with the girls

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Q: Who are at the movie with cherry and marcia in the book the outsiders?
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What is the name of Cherry's friend in the book The Outsiders?


Who are cherry and marcia in the book the outsiders?

Cherry and Marcia are two Soc girls that Ponyboy and Johnny meet at the movie theaters. Cherry and Marcia compete in the rodeo, go to the same high school as Ponyboy, and Cherry is Bob's girlfriend.

Who are the socs in the book the outsiders?

Bob,Randy,Cherry ,Marcia

Marcia in The Outsiders?

Marcia was Randy's girlfriend in the Outsiders. She and Cherry like DAlly but he is a "greaser". Marcia's character isn't big in the book or movie. Her best friend Cherry (Sherri) is Bob, the one that was killed by Johnny Cade. If you haven't read/seen the movie or book you should because it's really good.

Why were Cherry and Marcia at the movie?

Movies as in the setting , or the movie for the book ?

What is the name of cherry's friend at the movies in the book the outsiders?

Her name is Marcia, but her last name is never specified.

What was the effect of dally teases cherry and marcia at the movies in the book the outsiders?

Johnny gets guts and yells at him to leave them aloneCherry is in love with him

What is cherry in the book The Outsiders?

Cheery is a soc in the book outsiders

Which characters were Socs in the book The Outsiders?

I think these are all the ones mentioned in the book. Randy Adderson Bob Sheldon Cherry Valance Marcia Paul Holden

Who was Cherry's friend in The Outsiders?

cherry's friend in the book the outsiders is pony boy

Who are Cherry and Marcia in The Outsiders?

cherry and macia are 2 socs that are at a movie thater when dally strts messing with thenm and bla BLA THE JOHNY TELLS dally to leave and him and pony start talking to them but u should read tha book and figure the rest out

How were cherry and marcia going to get home from the movies in the book outsiders?

THey were going to walk with the greasers to get two bits car but the socs came and took them away from the greasers.

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