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Many people know who gay celebrities are. George Takei, best known for playing Mr. Sulu in the original Star Trek tv series, is a very popular gay celebrity. Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is a well-known gay celebrity as well.

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  • Rosie O'donnel
  • Amanada Bearse
  • Meredith Baxter
  • Clay Aiken
  • Lance Bass
  • Chad Allen
  • John Amaechi
  • Kevin Aviance
  • Alan Ball
  • Bryan Batt
  • Gary Beach
  • Billy Bean
  • David Brock
  • Dan Butler
  • Simon Callow
  • Mary Cheney
  • John Barrowman

Elton John

Kelly Osborne and The Queen!

Click on the link below for more information.

The famous gay guys as far as i know are Adam Lambert, Chris Colfer (Kurt on hit TV show 'Glee'), and Neil (Barny from 'How I Met Your Mother.)

Ellen Degenres

Rosie O'Donnell

"Sex And The City" co-star Cynthia Nixon

Lance Bass

Portia de Rossi

Elton John

Melissa Etheridge

Cynthia Nixon

and many others.

See the link below.
There are several celebrities that are openly homosexual.
Melissa Etheridge, Elton John, George Michael, Michael Stipe, Boy George, Adam Lambert, Perez Hilton, Ellen Degeneres, Graham Norton, Clay Aiken, Lance Bass, Leonardo da vinci, Carson Kressley, Freddie Mercury, Harvey Milk... there are heaps more.

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Q: Who are some famous gay celebrities?
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