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Terri MacGreggor was sent into a coma by her abusive boyfriend Rick Murray on Degrassi.

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Q: Who is in a coma on degrassi?
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Why was Terri in a coma on Degrassi?

Terri was in a coma because Rick (her boyfriend at the time) went too far and pushed her which caused her to fall and to hit her head on a rock which cut her head open.

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Paula Brancati is the actress who plays Jane on "Degrassi."

When did degrassi the next generation begin?

The Kids of Degrassi Street premiered in January 1982. Degrassi Junior High premiered in 1987. Degrassi High premiered in 1989. Degrassi: The Next Generation premiered in 2001.

Is peter stone's mom from degrassi's from degrassi high?

yes, she was

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