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Indians consume milk on a daily basis, and the cow as a provider of milk, is equated to one's mother (hence the expression Gomäta = mother cow). Traditionally, Indians had cows in every household. They were part of the family, with names and personalities. Just like one would not hurt/eat their pets, the Indians did not hurt the cows and respected them. The cow has a special role in the Hindu mythologies; Kamadhenu is a wish-fulfilling cow. A cow is also depicted as vehicle of several deities. Many social reform movements in India (Jainism, Buddhism, the Bhakti Movement, Gandhi's non-violent movement) advocated non-violence, and no cruelty to animals. So in India, other animals also (like elephants, mice, monkeys) are considered holy. That said, many ethnic communities do eat beef in India. The cow meat is consumed by Roman Catholics, Anglo-Indians, and several other non-Brahmin Hindu communities. However Slaughter of the cows is banned in several states keeping in view the sentiments of Hindu religion.

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Q: Why is the cow sacred in India?
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What is the animal that India consider to be sacred?

The cow

What religion in India is the cow sacred to?


What is the holy and sacred animal of India?

The cow.

Sacred cow in the US?

Cows are not sacred in the USA nor is there any sacred cow. This is only in India, not America. Cows are only sacred in the Hindu religion.

Who made the cow sacred in India?

The cow is sacred because it is the source of life and is believed to give better milk than the goat.

Is the cow sacred in India?

yes, very much so

Why are cow so important to India?

They're considered sacred.

What is the first punchline of McDonald's in India?

Mcdonalds doesnt exist in India because the cow is sacred

What is sacred in India?

There are seven sacred rivers in India, and the largest of these is the Ganges. Used for basic needs, burials and worshipped as the Hindu goddess Ganga.

What happens when you eat a sacred cow?

If you eat a sacred cow, you will be subjected to the disapproval of those who considered the cow to be sacred.

Do the people of India eat beef?

In some parts of India beef is consumed, but to most of India it is considered a taboo food. The reason being is cow being considered a sacred animal in most Indian religions. Cow is sacred because most Indian dishes require milk and cow is the only means of milk in India. Although not all of India doesn't eat cow. You can find it in restaurants and markets in the northeastern part of India where religion is different and allows cow to be eaten.

Why are cows protected in India by Cow Laws?

they are sacred animals there little weird but they are very important

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