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you need new light that is the most comen

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2005-09-28 17:53:24
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Q: Why would 1 turn signal come on but not blink but the other side works fine on a 93 Chevy Corsica?
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What if your Turn Signals Do Not blink inside or out side your car when you turn them on How can you fix this problem on your own you have a Chevy Corsica 1992?

go to autozone or other auto supply store and ask for a "flasher" for your year make and model. i just hate this problem on my 94 corsica.

1992 Chevy Corsica right turn signal?

The signal isn't working? need more info. On mine the side marker lights tend to burn out alot. The seal seems to be ruptured allowing water in and burning the lights out.. many other things it could be. other than that I'm not sure what you are asking.

How do you turn the high beams on and off on a 1995 Chevy Corsica?

Should be like any other vehicle. (pull turn signal stick back (high beams on), pull it back again (high beams off).

What is wrong with a 93 Cutlass Ciera left turn signal that will only will only turn on - not blink I have replaced the bulb and other lights work The right signal will blink like it's supposed to?

Maybe a short somewhere...did you replace the flasher unit? No - it was blinking spuradically(?) - now I have to blink it manually and it won't blink at all with lights on.

Why does your front signal light blink faster than the other?

Check the back signal light. Usually if the front blinks fast the back is out or need to be replace. Vice versa

Why would an Oldsmobile Ciera 1993 turn signal blink more slowly than the other?

The turn signal flasher is about to die. Buy a new one ... they are cheap, usually under $10

Why do fire flys blink their lights?

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2007 kawasaki 900 one turn signal blink fast other side blink normal?

Changed any lamps recently and wrong replacement fitted (or if double filament, is it the right way round) or is one blown?

What other GM cars will interchange body parts with a 1990 Chevy Corsica?

depends what parts u need but the Pontiac tempest is almost thE SAME.

How do you test boat trailer turn signal lights?

Hitch the trailer. Connect the lights. Start your car or truck. Turn the turn signal on. Get out and go behind the trailer. See if they blink. Repeat for the other side.

Need a photo of the rear brake assembly on a 1989 Chevy Corsica?

Take the drum off and take a picture. Use one wheel as a guide to repair the other.

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