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A French person may certainly speak with a French accent when speaking English, but you don't have any accent in your thinking.

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Q: Would an English speaking French person think with a French accent?
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What is a name for an English speaking person?

The word used to describe an English speaking person is 'Anglophone.' Similarly, the word used to describe a French speaking person is 'Francophone.'

What is the easiest way to learn French?

The best way to learn french is probably to listen and get used to hearing an actual french person speaking. Hearing the accent and learning the lanuguage from a true french person is the key way to learn.

Did Marie have an accent?

Every person has an accent which is a characteristic of that person and the language that they are speaking at the time. Perhaps what you want to know concerns an accent which is different from yours.

Is it always easy to spot a spanish-speaking person?

If you have a very good knowledge of Spanish phonetics and syntax, then yes, if that person's Spanish is much better than their English. Otherwise, not really. There are other languages that also result in a similar accent when a person is speaking English (Arabic, for example, can on a superficial level produce an accent that sounds similar to Spanish). It also depends on what other languages the Spanish-speaking person speaks, as those will also influence their English. It's a case-by-case thing, really.

Is it polite to call someone a francophone?

Of course, it only means french-speaking person, it is as polite as calling someone an english-speaking one

Why does the narrator on SpongeBob SquarePants have a French accent?

because that person is french

How do you say Shane in spanish?

Shane is pronounced the same in both English and Spanish. The accent of the speaking person may vary slightly but the phonetics are the same.

What is Claude monets accent?

he has a European accent. *the person means a french accent* He spoke French - is that an accent? He spoke French and had a french accent. Yes, french is an accent as well as a language. Example: If I say I have a french jacket, I mean that I have a jacket that is from France. When I mentioned that Monet had a french accent, I meant that he spoke french with the accent of someone who is from France, versus, let's say a French-Canadian, Haitian, Belgian accent, etc... An "European accent" doesn't really mean much because there is no such a thing as an European Language. Many languages are spoken in Europe, as well as multiple countries that speak french (France and Belgium) and the language that Monet spoke was French, with a french accent. Hope that sounds more clear now.

Is it correct sentence a person is good in English or good at English?

A person is good at speaking in English.

How can a stone deaf person speak with a regional accent?

They follow the lip patterns of the person speaking to them by lip reading. Dialect is caused by lip patterns when speaking.

What does fracophone mean?

Francophone means French-speaking or a French-speaking person. Parts of Canada are filled with Francophones.

How did the American accent evolve?

The "American Accent" is more properly the "American Dialect". An accent is the intonation given by foreign speakers of a language. A French accent refers to English spoken by a native French speaker. An American accent would be the pronunciation of another language spoken by an American person (An example in French: bone- joor rather thanbɔ̃.ʒuʁ).A dialect is the internal difference of a language spoken by users of the language which exhibit local or regional changes (e.g. A Cockney dialect rather than a Cockney accent). Any dialect evolves through generations of people living together and not mingling much with people from other regions.There is no national American "accent" or "dialect". The distinctiveness of the southern drawl, Texan, midwestern or Boston manner of speaking are all regional dialects. Interestingly some American dialects have evolved from old forms of English such as the Elizabethan pronunciations and vocabulary still used in the English spoken in the Ozarks.

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