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yes... you can... but when a employer run your dmv record the ticket will show up. if you don't have anything excessive then you have nothing to worry about.

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2007-08-09 19:37:35
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Q: Can you get a CDL if you have a speeding ticket on your record?
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Does a speeding ticket in PA get reported to new york if your have a CDL?

Yes it will. While NY does not normally put out of state speeding tickets on your record, there is an exception for CDL drivers and it will be reported. In addition, if it is a serious CDL violation, 15 over the limit, it could cost you your job or your license could be suspended. A CDL driver should always contest a serious ticket and usually should contest any speeding ticket.

How do you removing speeding ticket from your record in Georgia?

How can I get a speeding ticket. Removed from my mvr in the state of georgia

Will a speeding ticket gotten in Europe affect your driving record in the US?

will a speeding ticket in Europe affect my U.S. driving record?

How long will a speeding ticket stay on your record in the state of Idaho?

As with most states, a speeding ticket stays on the record for three years. There is little that can be done to have the record expunged.

If you got a speeding ticket in Arizona 15 years ago will it show up on your record to get Illinois cdl permit?

If it's a simple speeding ticket, and doesn't carry any criminal charges such as reckless endangerment, there's no need to worry about it. If you've only gotten one speeding ticket in 15 years, you're doing pretty well for yourself.

Does a speeding ticket show on your record before or after you pay it?


Can you get a speeding ticket removed from your record in ct?


In MA will a speeding ticket received in a commercial vehicle affect your personal auto insurance premiums?

"In MA will a speeding ticket received in a commercial vehicle affect your personal auto insurance premiums?" Truck drivers with a CDL license are held to a higher standard than other drivers. New laws prevent a CDL driver from keeping a speeding ticket off his record by taking traffic school or a deferment. The only thing you can do is to contest the ticket and get it reduced or dismissed. Many violations are classified as serious for a CDL driver and two serious tickets in three years means a license suspension regardless of the number of points he still has on his license. This applies even if the tickets are received while driving his personal vehicle. Any ticket on your MVR will increase your personal insurance premiums. As a CDL driver you now have less options to keep your record clean and some companies will terminate a driver with three citations on his record. If you are a CDL driver you always need to know your options and the consequences before you plead guilty by just paying your speeding ticket. lwpat

What is considered a serious speeding ticket for CDL drivers?

anything ova 15 mph ova the limit

Where can you check in Georgia to see if a speeding ticket or a ticket for an accident is off your record?

keep your ticket beside you

How long does a speeding ticket stay on your record In Ontario?

speeding convictions stay on your mto record for 3 years in Ontario Canada.

If you get two speeding tickets on your ma record and then you get a ticket in NH will your license be suspended?

a ticket is a record to your license reguardless of the state

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