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You essentially are renewing your license in the second state. Your record will follow you. Paying up if you do not have too many points and getting insurance coverage may allow you to get the license.

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2011-06-16 04:04:34
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Q: Can you get a license if you got a ticket in that state on a license from another state without paying that ticket?
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Your license was suspended 7 yrs ago for an unpaid parking ticket can you get a license in another state now?

Not without paying the reinstatement fee and the reason for the suspension is lifted.

In Wisconsin can my license be suspended for not paying a traffic ticket?

Yes, in the state of Wisconsin a license can be suspended for not paying a traffic ticket.

Can you get your license if you get a ticket for driving without a license with your permit?

Yes, but please pay your ticket first.

What happens if you are late paying your speeding ticket in Pennsylvania?

If you are late paying your speeding ticket, you must notify the county courthouse. If you don't, then your license will be suspended.

Can you get out of paying a ticket if you never signed the ticket?

Depends if you had the option of signing, most often they just take your license

What happen if you get ticket without licence in orange county?

You DIE. don't get a ticket without a license

What is the penalty for driving without your license presently on you?

The ticket can be dismissed if your license was valid on the day of the ticket and you bring it to court with you. (Texas)

Besides an arrest warrant what are the penalties for paying an out-of-state speeding ticket late?

Your license could be suspended until you pay the ticket.

Can you drive without your license even though you passed the driving test?

You will get a ticket if you drive without your License in your possession.

What happens if you receive a ticket for allowing someone to drive without a license?

If you receive a ticket asking you to pay for allowing someone to drive without a license you need to pay it. If the ticket specifies that you need to complete a task you must do this as well.

You are on probation and you got a ticket for driving without a license can you be violation?


How much is a ticket for driving without boating license?

Why would you get ticket for driving wtihout a boating license? Probably the same as the fine for practicing law without a medical license.

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