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It depends what bridge you have. But usually there will be some small Allen wrench screws that you will adjust to raise and lower the strings. But before you do this make sure you have de-tuned your guitar so the strings are loose to avoid them snapping under increased tension.

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Q: How do you lower an electric guitar strings?
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What is the difference between electric guitar strings and hollowbody guitar strings?

electric guitar strings are simply made for the quality of the pick-ups if you put electric guitar strings on an acoustic guitar it will have a low quality sound and if you put acoustic guitar strings on an electric guitar you will be luck to get much sound at all.

What are strings on a electric guitar called?

They are called strings. Really! <a href="">My Electric Guitar build</a>

What are the strings on an electric guitar?

metal strings.

How many strings does a electric guitar have?

There are 6 strings on an elctric guitar.

Are the bass and electric guitar the same thing?

No. The bass has 4 strings and the electric guitar has 6 strings.

Are bass guitar notes the same as electric guitar notes?

Bass guitar strings are tuned to the same notes as the thickest four strings of an electric guitar, but they are tuned one octave lower. So, the same notes, but one octave "deeper".

Does it matter what strings you put on your guitar?

yes it does you really need to have the right strings for your guitar depending on what type it is If you own an acoustic guitar, you need "acoustic guitar strings". If you own a classical guitar, you need "classical guitar strings" or "nylon strings". An electric guitar needs "electric guitar strings". And a bass guitar needs "bass guitar strings".

Can you use electric guitar strings on an acoustic electric guitar?


What gets out of tune faster electric guitar strings or acoustic guitar strings?

In my opinion, electric guitar strings gets out of tune faster because the strings are not as thick as acoustic guitar strings. So, thicker strings make it stay in tune longer.

What kind of a pitch do thicker guitar strings have?

Thicker guitar strings are lower than thinner guitar strings.

Why are there many strings for a guitar?

There are 6 strings on a acoustic or electric guitar and 4 on a bass :)

Electric Guitar strings?

yes :)

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